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Feb 19, 2018
Are either of you using any extension scripts for nzbget? It would be really cool to collect the most practical ones and then include them directly in PG.

Here are a few that I find very practical:

Unrar .rar files in .rar archives:

Grandmaster Wierdo

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10:10 AM
Dec 30, 2018
Oh nice. Will add to Next release.

I've just been playing with this and discovered some issues with the included scripts. NZBGet extension scripts require a line of the format:

In the file for it to be correctly recognised as an extension as per

It looks like on all of the included scripts except the relevant line in the header has been removed/overwritten by the standard PlexGuide header/comments block.

Additionally I had to set the permissions on the host machine as follows, and restart the nzbget process for it to recognise the scripts and provide them for selection in the GUI:

# sudo chmod -R 755 ./scripts/

Without the header lines being added AND the permissions change on the host NZBGet was not finding or recognising the scripts.



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