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Jan 25, 2020

my NZBget can not extract nzb files that are password protecteded. However the passwords comes with the nzb file, e.g. moviename{{qRgGQ6CD9m}}.nzb

Is there a way that NZBget can recognize automatically the passwords between {{}}? I used sabnzbd before and i think it did it automatically.

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Ok, i found out how it works for me. In case someone who just starting with all this want to know:

- Download the script from Github (Script Addon for nzbget)
- look for your nzbget script dir (you can see the path in nzbget settings. Default is ${MainDir}/scripts which should be on the server: /opt/appdata/nzbget/scripts <-- there you copy the script
- Now you should see the GETPW under your nzbget settings (if you don't see just switch to downloads and then back to settings so the config get loaded)
- under Extension Scripts you need to choose the script and reload nzbget

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