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Original poster
Mar 18, 2018

NZBGet unzip Extension extracts NZBs from Archives you feed it (Some Usenet have the NZB file inside an archive).

Anyone get this script to work??? AnimeTosho is famous for putting their NZB files inside gz archives. Every time I add one from AnimeTosho, NZBGet via Radarr, NZBGet just throws it straight to failure.

-Python is indeed installed on the NZBGet container (by default version 2.7.14)
-Placed .py script in /mnt/nzbget/scripts/ folder
-NZBGet settings extension checked the script

What am I missing?

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So, if I manually add the Archive, NZBGet properly unpacs it, grabs the NZB, and begins download.
BUT, if I use Radarr to send a Release which is inside an Archive, NZBGet fails. Interesting. So Radarr is doing something to the Archive before sending to NZBGet......and I can't find where that setting is in Radarr.....grrrr
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