NZBHydra - unrecognized_name


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Jan 30, 2019
Hi All,

Nearly got everything back up and running, sonarr and radarr indexers point to NZBHydra and in NZBHydra I've setup qbittorrent and nzbget as the downloaders and indexers have my Jackett torznab link and is working great but somethings going on with NZBGeek, I've tried so many times to add it but I always get unrecognised_name. "" is in disable SNI and I've added more to it just to see and for the names I've tried (nzbgeek,, NZBGeek, in sonarr it connects perfectly?

For now I've removed nzbhydra as an indexer from sonarr and radarr and NZBGeek as well as IPT are working okay, there's an update for NZBHydra, how do you update it? I checked Google and a thread on plexguide said to simply "restart" the container but it does nothing for me.
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