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Intro Old plex user moving to PG

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PG First Class
Original poster
Mar 27, 2020
Hey everyone :D

I've been hosting plex for a few years on Hertzner now but I've always been limited by storage costs. PG's solution of using GDrive is really interesting to me.
Currently my setup uses VPN for all outgoing requests (metadata, subtitles, etc.) except for torrents. I'm using (as blackhole for sonarr etc.) which I wrote wrapper for. The upside of this is that caches all downloaded torrents among their users, so most common torrents are already cached on their servers and can be downloaded from their server instantly with about 110 MB/s on Hetzner. They also have support for private trackers. If anyone is interested in using this method let me know, I can share my code.

I really appreciate the work put into this project, as well as the documentation and videos. Figuring out plex+docker+automation has been a fun hobby and I was amazed to see how advanced this project is.

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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
haha, started off a doc. good luck to you. I'm working PGX which will take a while and there will be new wikis, videos and etc.

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