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Parallel connections for streaming

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Original poster
Feb 13, 2020
I have server in France, I live in Czechia, as the server in Czechia would be 10 times more expensive. Recently however I started having problems with playback.

I have checked my internet connection etc. But I can get 50Mbits to the server tops. I tried some public iperf servers and it is about the same everywhere.

If I try parallel connections I get 200-300mbits.

I have looked and neither plex nor emby supports parallel connections for single stream of video.

I had previously plex server at home, but I had issues with it (turned out to be bad hdd), but I would like to have it in the internet and just not care about it.

Anybody else having issues like these and how did you solved it?

I would like to avoid having to pay more than ~20usd a month as I really just want to watch few episodes and one or two movies, not many users etc. etc.

Or maybe if there if there is workaround so I could buy VPN that my router would connect to and would make my connections fast enough to my server?
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Nov 17, 2019
Use cloudflare cdn. Make a free cloudflare account. Transfer your domain to cloudflare. Make the apps (Plex, emby, etc) dns entry "proxied" so it uses cloudflares network. Make your apps wan access url or whatever the app is. Setup your cloudflare page rules to bypass proxy so they don't ban you for cache excesses.

To test the differences, install the speedtest container, set the dns name to It will make speedtest and speedtestnocdn entries in traefik for you. In cloudflare make two dns entries, speedtest (proxied) and speedtestnocdn (dns only.) Now test using the two urls to see the speed differences.
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*set your cloudflare rules to bypass cache...
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