Permission Denied with Deluge


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Feb 13, 2018
Hey guys.

I just deployed plexguide on a dedicated server and everything is great. Except when I try to download anything with deluge it give me "permission denied" to any directory I pick.

I followed the deluge wiki page exactly and installed plexguide with root..
I have also tried installing rutorrent with plexguide and it causes the same issue. Is there any way to resolve this?


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Aug 1, 2018
look at the container in portainer and see the section titled "Volumes". This will give you details on the filesystem paths that you need to use. Keep in mind that there is a path internal to the container that maps to a destination external to your container (on the server you installed plexguide). Most of the time they are not the same.

for example (i am using the delugevpn container, so my paths may be slightly different). The path /data/watched in the container maps to /mnt/torrentvpn/.watched outside the container on the server filesystem. You would specify /data/watched in deluge instead of using /mnt/torrentvpn/.watched. Hope this helps.

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