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PG 5.069 Stable Released

Assists Greatly with Development Costs
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Lots of great changes. We improved the cloudflare wiki to make life easier for you. You no longer have to wait 8-12 hours, just as long as cloudflare detects your domain from the initial setup. The variable page has been improved, PGer's script for NZBGET now deletes unprocessed files older than 60 minutes so they are just not stacking up. Version 5.070 will have it for SABNZBD. PG installs programs faster, a few new programs were added, a symbolic link was added for /mnt/move (so your files goto your second HD) if your using the second HD option, and much more! Report any issues! This one has been heavily tested.

[5.069] - 10 April 2018
NOTE: You must rerun Traefik v2 and go through cloudflare again for proper updates of subdomain/domain! NOTE: https://wiki.plexguide.com/books/3-pg-configuration/page/traefik-v2---cloudflare <<< Improved Instructions for CloudFlare

  • Added
    • PG Solo HD Edition (NOT READY)
      • Useful for those who have only a single HD. Don't care about Google Drive; good for those with a small collection; or download, watch, delete types.
    • Startup Variable Page - Traefik 1 (Legacy) users will be notified of about certificate status
    • New Local PG Option with a new combined unionFS
      • WARNING, this does not work fully and should only be selected for testing purposes
    • Symbolic Link for HD2 so stuff bounces from /mnt/move to {hardrive2}/move
      • Note: If you already setup a second HD, rerun HD setup in settings for the symbolic link to kick in
    • BookSonic Role and Deployment - Credit: mrwednesday89
    • RClone Fixes - Credit: Zachawii
    • Tons of Misc Encrypted RClone Fixes - desgyz
    • CronJob Display Fix
    • Sped up the Install of Most Applications
    • Sped up cronjob installs
    • Improved valid certificate detection
    • Fixed Quick Flash at Startup in regards to certificates
    • NZBGET cron job, delete files older than 60 minutes (unprocessed) - Initial Credit: PGer
    • Enhance PreInstaller Check
    • Menu Cleanup for Cronjobs
      • stored in one script
      • has a cronskip tag (some programs don't need cronjob backups)
    • Startup Menu Variable Fixes
    • Added Dupefinder - Credit MBCorps (unsure if working / testing required )
    • AirSonic Added - Credit Migz
    • Scan fixes/added - Credit MBCorps (unsure if working / testing required)
  • Changed
    • TOML for Traefik v2 to allow domain to obtain https:// certificate (not just subdomains)
    • Fixed 2nd rebuild execution when adding a second HD
    • LOOP Preinstall Issue - This should be fixed now; made several changes.
      • Note: When you run BETA2, you will have to do the preinstall once; afterwards, it should not occur
    • Heimdall works now with the reverse proxy, https://heimdall.domain.com - Credit: desgyz
    • Telly Port Fix - Credit: Migz
    • Fixed bad nzbget information (never affected plexguide), displayed port 5075 but it's 6789. - Thanks busanv (pgforums)
    • Fixed bash error flash before starting up of the program
    • Removed to del empty folder from rclone, caused problems - Credit MBCorps
    • Code Cleanup, added new cronskip function and remove large scripts to a solo one for cron exe

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Thanks for you hard work. Having a great time and really much fun using plexguide. Keep it up!
Danke! Will do! Taking a break now, had to get cloudflare instructions up and going!
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Might something I can code in. If on a remote server, port 1900 disabled or rather prevent 1900 from every being opened via the plex role
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