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Discussion PG Blitz & Sonarr Import Permissions Issue -- v8.0.11

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PG Enlistee
Original poster
Oct 13, 2018
Hi team,

I have these weird permissions issues (I think) with some episodes of a show being automatically moved by Sonarr from the NZBget download folder to the /mnt/move folder. Only some episodes especially those I trigger to download manually within Sonarr. Any shows that Sonarr downloads automatically because of the RSS sync seem to get moved and uploaded fine by Blitz. I am running v8.0.11. Here is what it looks like in Sonarr. Those other episodes that say Blu-ray 1080p I had manually requested to be downloaded and those files processed without issues but the ones with the red icon have an issue.
On the other screen in Sonarr when I go to try to manually import it just appears to process it very fast but not actually import it.
Here is what folder permissions look like: https://gyazo.com/acdfe0a529f898aca29e5134417fdffd
Latest Sonarr log (scroll towards the bottom): https://pastebin.com/n6Kb1cYU Keep in mind this is on a fresh GCE instance. I did not attempt to upgrade from version 7.7 nor did I try to restore any app backups. If it helps, I do have PG Shield enabled and I use Trafeik and Cloudflare for my domain.
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PG Sergeant Major
Nov 13, 2018
+1 for this, these are the issues I was talking about in discord over the weekend trying to resolve. I was also able to video record this and send it to @Admin9705. I am also seeing this when sonarr chooses to download entire seasons as well. I have seen it take 20-40 minutes to have pgblitz start moving with no nzbget or sonarr queue.

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