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Original poster
Jan 12, 2019

Trying to set up my TDrive to reconnect to a previous TDrive instance with encryption. I know the Google Account Login, I can access the Project Name but when I get to step [3] Client ID and Secret it won't allow me to enter the details because when I paste in the Client ID, PGBLITZ puts it into the Secret ID field and won't let me go any further. Every time, it asks for the Client ID and then puts the pasted value into the Secret ID, leaving Client ID blank. The generated GooglewClient ID ends with "apps.googleusercontent.com" and the generated secret Id is just random upper and lower case alphanumeric, so I don't think it's a Google issue.

I'm on a dediHetzner box running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, running PG 8.7.5.

Any idea how I can plugin the Client and Secret ID so that I can remount my TYDrive, anyone?

Thanks in advance!


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