PG server won't boot after Plex filled disk up with metadata. |

PG server won't boot after Plex filled disk up with metadata.

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Original poster
Feb 5, 2020

Plex DB got so big that it entirely filled up my disk. I rebooted my PC and it wouldn't boot again but get the message: "started session c1 of user gdm" then to c2 or something etc.
Googled it and tried to boot into recovery, got minimal grub bash line.

Got a live linux USB, booted into it. My old ssd (/dev/sdc) was mounted, I could browse it. Unmounted it to check for drive failures. Got the error: bad magic number in super-block. So I rebooted to get it mounted again and just delete some files to see if that would work. I cannot mount it anymore.

GParted reads the disk as GPT with an EFI system partition as fat32 and a ext4 partition.
I have a new SSD ready to merge it with, or copy all the data over (cannot be lost, 250GB of metadata and DB is a pain in the a**). When I try: sudo mount /dev/sdc /media/oldssd I get "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc, missing codepage or helper program or other error".

I'm not that experienced with Linux (and drives) so what would be the next step? I could try to merge my new ssd with my old one but I have no idea if that is a good idea.

Thanks in advance!

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