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Original poster
Feb 1, 2020
I am running 8.7.5 encrypted TDrive with 10 service accounts. I keep seeing my primary account hit the 750GB upload limit as I have few older swizzin setups that only use the primary gsuite account. I can see in PGUI that the move gets hung up on the primary account and nothing moves. If I guess and manually kill the highest process number rclone instance it will sometimes move to the service accounts and begin to move the data. I can't find any recent plexguide/pgblitz service management information that is still valid for 8.7.5 in the wiki. What's the best method to monitor these move services and restart services as a cleaner way to massage the move jobs around this 750GB limit issue? Is there a current list or table showing all the services names and functionalities? I don't want to bwlimit my moves for a TDrive configuration. Is there a way to have the PGBlitz (i'm not currently using any forked configurations) skip the primary account for these moves and only use the service accounts? Sorry for all the questions but I can't seem to find updated information in the wiki and the older solutions that I did find do not seem to apply to 8.7.5.


Jul 8, 2018
You would have to fork it and re-code it yourself. Seems like a nightmare, BUT this is why its open source so you can make your own custom tweaks. Time to get code dirty, wishing you well!

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