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Discussion PGmove failed to deploy after power failure

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Original poster
Jan 24, 2019
I've set up server at home with intel NUC. Every time after house power failure, the server will automatically restart itself but unionfs folder is empty (file unavailable in plex).
After some checking, the pgmove failed to deploy. I believe it did not have internet connection at the time it try to deploy pgmove.
Once internet is up, I restart the server and pgmove deployed successfully.

is there anyway for plexguide to wait for network first before trying to deploy pgmove or try to deploy itself once it failed?

rclone v1.48.0
Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
docker 19.03.5


Nov 17, 2019
The services do wait for network but that just means the nic is initialized, not that you have internet connectivity. There might be a way to build in some logic, i.e. if pinging google.com replies then start xyz but that's beyond my skillset. As a mitigation I would recommend setting your nuc bios to not recover last power state on power restoration (i.e. set it to stay off in the event of power interruption.) If your power is unstable, I would definitely configure Plex to not empty trash on library updates and install something like Plex Autoscan.

Alternatively you could set a cron job shell script to run every minute with something like make a file on your mount then stop or start service or container based on that file existing for example:

[ -f /mnt/unionfs/mounted.bin ] && systemctl start pgmove || systemctl stop pgmove

[ -f /mnt/unionfs/mounted.bin ] && docker start sonarr radarr plex etc || docker stop plex radarr sonarr plex etc
I haven't tested either so test it first.

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