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Discussion PGMove Possible Bug/Question

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Original poster
Jan 30, 2019
New member here and just before I start asking questions, this is a damn fine script. I have recently deployed PG on Debian 9 and I have a 2 questions/possible bugs.

1. I know of atleast one other user that had this bug (because I helped him through it in that thread). I deployed 8.4.1 (with Gcrypt) fresh install and after setting everything up per wiki I noticed files weren't moving over. I traced it down to /var/plexguide/rclone/deploy.version had "null" instead of "gcrypt". Cool I changed it and everything started moving. Second I redeployed pgblitz w/ encryption today on existing install and noticed /var/plexguide/rclone/deploy.version didn't change to "tcrypt". It stayed at "gcrypt". Cool I manually changed it. Maybe its a bug?

2. Since I started with gcrypt and moved to tcrypt and half my files are split now is there and easy way to move gcrypt over to tcrypt. Maybe "rclone move --config /opt/appdata/plexguide/rclone.conf gcrypt:/ tcrypt:/ --bwlimit=8M"? I know unionfs covers this for me but that damn OCD keeps coming up.


Probably a bug

It's recommended to use the GDrive website to move your Lib to the team drive

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