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Aug 22, 2018
Few weeks 12 days ,

PGX is for testing open and not for production servers, the traefik bug will be fixed from @Admin9705 in the next FEW days ,

Give him time to find the ^^ bug ^^
Thanks mate. Yeah that's fine, not using it for production, just wasn't sure if it was being looked into. Only people who replied were not able to help nor let me know if it was being looked into. Thanks for the update.
I'm happy to help find out cause of the bug if you are having trouble replicating it.

Let me know if I can be of assistance



Mar 2, 2018
issue with removing drives

another one when making keys....

Anything about auto backups kicks you out of plexguide
cant add Top level domain
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Project Manager
Jun 7, 2020
Do you know when new version will be release ?
Actually a stop ✋ and wait please

Admin get a new job , and we discussed some parts on discord , to reduce the code and the workflow / rebuild to python3
Some part need a rewrite and we try to switch to traefik-v2 images.
Post automatically merged:

So guys a short info .

What we did in the background ..

I started to code a docker_based rclone/mergerfs docker with automatic mount all the possible mounts based of the rclone.conf..

So we can removed the next host installed part .

Faster stop.and restart of the mounts never any commands to restart one of the mounts or disk pool.

( it will be also available for pg8.7 5 in the next.days )
Post automatically merged:

so the basic is done ,
Status :

Docker mount automatically all possible mounts ( based of the rclone.conf ).

Automation included to restart running apps
(( Apps = All arr* / Plex / Emby ))

( when !!
1) docker mount restarted
2.) docker mount updated
3) docker mount failed
4) 403 UserRateLimit reached

Left to do

** WebUI ( php7 )

** Restart panel ( php7 )

** Log crawler ( php7 / json / api )

** rclone.conf update command
( WebUI / CMD Based )

** rclone:WebUi
( exposing behind subdomain > sample
....domain/rclone )

** README / Docker Hub

** and .......
Post automatically merged:

***[ STATUS ] ***
Branche : ** latest**

UI ( most done ) see screen
drive automount > works
drive > remount when failed added
drive > merged works
auto check > works
grep logs > works
docker autorestart > works
multi drive mounting > works ( based of rclone.conf )

Build done

*** left to do ***

rclone webui exposing
Button to remount drives
rclone add ( update config to add new drives )
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Jul 18, 2020
Hey Guys Not sure if you have seen this or It could help been testing some of files. It's the hard way but may have some Ideas for you. It's from (Ultimate Docker Home Server with Traefik 2, LE, and OAuth / Authelia [2020])
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