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Original poster
Jan 18, 2019
If I add a PIA VPN docker am I correct that only traffic I direct through that container will use the VPN or will it take over the esp0 connection automatically. I run PLEX outside of PG to avoid remote connection challenges and on the same machine I run heimdall, sonarr, radarr, tautulli, ombi, jackett and nextcloud. I have read there is a command I can put in the container configs to make them go through the VPN (I just want one more layer of anonymity). Currently I use an old laptop as a seperate VPN client that just hosts deluge and my PIA VPN. Would like to bring it all under one roof and if it does work this way I will actually be able to do it. Have seen some posts on here and around the net about this topic but they were a little too complicated for me. I can add a new container and configure others to connect via the pia container (i think) and then I should be able to leave PLEX installed natively. Right?
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