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Discussion please explain rclone functionality (directory based)

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Original poster
Apr 15, 2019

I cant figure out how rclone moves the data to gdrive. Just want to learn here :)

I know finished downloads land in '/mnt/unionfs/nzbget/'
Radarr/Sonarr searches in there and moves it to '/mnt/unionfs/movies/'

Here is where I am lost. Somehow rclone moves stuff to '/mnt/move' during uploading to gdrive.
So what black magic happens with '/mnt/unionfs/movies/' that it is locally present (where Radarr/Sonarr moves stuffs), but also represents content of gcloud.

Very confused here :/

And if plex accesses a media, is this media temporary loaded onto the server or is it passed through from gdrive? So question here is if free storage changes during watching a movie (without transcoding).

Greets, Mobo
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Aug 31, 2018
There is a PGUnion service that mounts several directories together and this becomes the /mnt/unionfs/ directory that you know and love.

When Sonarr or Radarr moves a file to /mnt/unionfs/ the PGUnion service makes this file fall into /mnt/move/. There is a move service that monitors this directory and utilizes rclone to do the move to your gdrive.

This move is never seen by Sonarr, Radarr and Plex.
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