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Discussion please help - validation checks failed tdrive

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Original poster
Mar 17, 2020
i am trying to mount a google team drive and i keep getting this issue please could somebody help?



Nov 17, 2019
Looks like a token issue possibly. Is your team drive created already? If so, first reboot. Then make sure your date/clock is correct. If so, confirm you have the right oauth key and secret put in. Then when you do the next step where you cut and paste the url, make sure you are authenticating with your gsuite account and not another Gmail account, copy and paste the full token string in. Try again.


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018


Nov 17, 2019
would it? I mean, makes sense, but was always assuming it had to be your team drive and your email plugged in with the project.
It should. My first deployment was for a team drive using oauth creds from a different account/domain of the one that created the TD. I have a share drive shared with a Gmail account, the Gmail account is a manager on the account. The oauth keys from the Gmail account mount the tdrive and the gmail qccounts my drive to the gdrive mount. I have deployed two instances of pg with two different gsuite domain accounts pointing to the same TD, so that each instance gets its own API hits / upload / download limits.

This would assume the account is a manager, or at least content manager on the team drive. If this is for unlimited move, it will create the service accounts as well, but you have to add those accts with the same permissions to the tdrive.

It's one of the nice features of the gsuite eco system. It's designed to allow projects to delegate permissions all across. So if a company wants to make an app that allows their domains drive storage to be used by external entities, they can design them that way. You *might* need to make your project external vs internal only, but I don't believe I did. I'll need to double check.
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