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Plex Autoscan not adding movies

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Original poster
Aug 30, 2018
So I was having an issue with Plex not automatically scanning and adding Movies and TV Shows. I had followed the instructions as mentioned in the wiki connecting Radarr and Sonarr to Plex to update the library and made sure that only partials scans were selected in the Plex library settings. I then decided to perform a test.

I searched an added a movie in Radarr, which began to download in NZBget. Once it finished downloading I monitored Plex to see if it would begin a folder scan. To my surprise, Plex did start a scan on my Movie library however, the movie was not added. I waited an additional 15 minutes to see if it would initiate another scan once the movie had completely uploaded to GDrive but it had not. I verified that the movie had moved to /mnt/unionfs/movies/ as it should and it did. I then manually scanned the Movie library again and then it showed up.

I am not sure what the issue is. Am I missing something?

I am pretty confident that I have my folder structures set up correctly in Radarr and Sonarr:
Remote Path: /mnt/Media/downloads/nzbget/ (I use a second processing disc)
Local Path: /mnt/unionfs/nzbget/

Any help on this would greatly be appreciated.


Aug 22, 2018
I found that the radarr script makes Plex do a full scan regardless of your Plex settings. If you have a large library Plex will start searching and then give up after 10-20 mins. At least that is what has been happening for me. Sonarr works fine.

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