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Plex Cluster / remote transcode / remote mount

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Original poster
Nov 10, 2018
Hey Plexers,
I'm trying to have a Plex setup as below
1 Plex server that users connect to
This Plex server is to be pointed to multiple other servers (either running Plex or just have the same unionfs file structure) with different gdrive accounts.
When a user wants to watch something that 1 Plex server they are connected to would go and find the best server and plays the media (hopefully direct play will be supported as well)
This way if one server goes down or one GDrive account gets an api ban that 1 plex server would play from another server.

I know that there are 3 options out there (kube-plex, UnicornTranscoder & Plex-Remote-Transcoder ) but i was wondering if anyone had one of them deployed and can provide some feedback or advise.


Nov 17, 2019
I'm waiting for this one:

If I'm understanding it correctly, it works by creating one front end SSL dns name. And load balancing you to an available Plex server. At the same time it does real time API syncs across Plex servers to sync watch status'.

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