Plex database lock + crash when moving libraries


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Apr 22, 2018
In anticipation of /unionfs/ being removed in 8.7, I have started adding /mnt/unionfs/ as a directory to the various libraries.

I added /mnt/unionfs/movies to the "Movies" library and it did a full scan (took 1 day for movies and 3 days for TV). Now, when I try to remove /unionfs/movies/ the database locks up and I get the following error in Portainer: Sqlite3: Sleeping for 200ms to retry busy DB. No errors in the Plex logs. Then Plex doesn't respond and

I'm considering making the change directly in the database using sqlite but I have no clue how. I've read some forum threads online but none of them gave clear enough instructions. Is there anyone here that can assist with the changes I'd need to make in the database to affect the change.

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