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Radarr Plex duplicate/unavailable caused by sonarr/radarr upgrade

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Original poster
Jan 6, 2019
So as suggested in multiple threads we need to turn of "Empty trash automatically after every scan" to prevent Plex nuking the library when there is an issue with the rclone/mounts.
Now it causing another issue (minor) where Sonarr/Radarr downloads a file, Plex picks it up (no problem so far) then later on it finds a better file to download. What happens now, is that Sonarr/Radarr deletes the old file and copy the new file into the destination. So far Sonarr/Radarr is doing the job properly!

Plex detects the new file, and detects that old one is deleted so it moves the old one into Trash. Then marks the movie/episode as duplicate and unavailable. The item is playable as long as the viewer picks the latest version of the media file.

To overcome this I have to the library and manually "Empty Trash".

Any thoughts?


Feb 11, 2018
Yep got the same issue. Would be nice to have a post processing script that could tell plex to forget that file.

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