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plex STRM

Assists Greatly with Development Costs
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If anyone good with coding can come up with a plugin for plex, to be able to handle STRM files, it would be a huge breakthrough.
There is allready a script https://github.com/ddurdle/Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream
This script generates strm files for everything you have in gdrive/teamdrive in matter of minutes with absolutely 0 api bans.
Emby recently added strm support, and since then this has becomed huge, because a 5$ vps can hold 1k users streaming at the same time.
Everything is just passedthrough to the client, so the server has 0 load, 0 bandwith consumed, 0 everything.
Im running a server for a few friends and with 5-6 streaming at the same time my crappy vps is only at 20~30% load, and im also using this as a seedbox.

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Assists Greatly with Development Costs


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I'm not a developer but, in my mind, we would have the following:

- A folder with all those STRM folders, PlexGuide then creates a filesystem with them so that Plex will read it like a partition.


1) PlexGuide scans GDrive with rclone mount and creates STRM files from all the videos (mp4, mkv).
2)PlexGuide creates a filesystem with those STRM files too.

Let me ask you something:
Mounting a cloud with rclone and then adding folders with Plex Media Server is not the same thing?
Believe me, I did that. Plex sucks when it does that. Too slow. My internet connection is 35 mb/s.


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Just to push this idea...

It would be amazing - and you would be the first...
serving STRM Files would be the „heavens Gate“!!!
No more bandwith for the Server... everything would be direct streamed (for example from GDrive)
to use this with Plex (if its possible to mount a strm folder and get metadata) would be the „Eier legende Wollmilchsau“ we would say in Germany :)
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