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Aug 8, 2019

Im new to this and not a super user at all. Afriend of mine has setup my Plex server with Hetzner and it has worked perfectly until today. When i log into, my server is suddenly listed as unavailable. Linux installation with PlexGuide.

Don't know why this suddenly happend, but i tried this:

- Open Putty and loged into the server, with a SSH Tunnel with my server IP adress (external), and then tried this in my browser: http://localhost:6969/web, http://internalip:32400/web and http://eksternalip:6969/web
- Restarted my server through Hetzner and via SSH in Putty
- Tried to dulplicate the Plex container with a new claim in Portainer, as I thought it could be something with reclaiming the server.

None of this works. Everything else on the server works: Sonarr, Radarr, PGUI, Tautulli, rutorrent etc. via etc.
In portainer Plex is listed as "HEALTHY" and is green.

Is it possible to easy reinstall Plex only, so all my files in Google Drive will be intact, and all the settings in rutorrent, radarr, sonarr won't be affected? Dont mind to index all my files into Plex again, as long as Plex will work again.
I've searched several threads in here, and guides to see if i could make it work, but im lost and my friend is currently unavailable too, so have to find a solution myself.

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