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PlexPy - Tautulli Wiki

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PlexPy - Tautulli

Note: Tautulli is the v3 program of PlexPy (We will continue to call it PlexPy for spelling reasons)
Improving The Wiki: Please post below and I will use your information to make adjustments.

Share With Your Users
By default, this is turned off. Make sure you view the options in regards to your users and enable access. Then you have to go to each user and then again give them specific rights. Basically, your turning the feature on and then enabling it for each person you wish to give access to. There is no default way to turn it all on for your users.

About PlexPy
A very powerful program that gives you much more detailed information about what you or any of your users are watching. Not only does it maintain a history, but gives you insight on what shows to maintain, what shows to go after and shows the buffering level of each user. This can help troubleshoot if the user's bandwidth is fast enough in conjunction with NetData. I would highly recommend to install this program.

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