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Portainer Portainer - Configuration

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Jan 17, 2018
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About Portainer
Portainer is a program that helps you manage your Docker containers. If you want to delete, stop, or restart a Docker container; you can easily do it from Portainer.

Accessing the Program
  • Program automatically installs via the PlexGuide pre-installer script
  • Port 9000
Configuration Instructions

1. Choose Username & Password
2. Select [Local]
3. That's It
If you selected [Remote] on accident, follow these steps:
sudo docker stop portainer
sudo docker rm portainer
sudo rm -r /opt/appdata/portainer
sudo ansible-playbook /opt/plexguide/ansible/plexguide.yml --tags portainer

# Demo Picture 1: Login Screen
View attachment 59

# Demo Picture 2: Running Programs
View attachment 60

# Demo Picture 3: Duplicate/Edit container
View attachment 479

# Demo Picture 4: Deploy container
View attachment 482

# Demo Picture 5: Logs of container
View attachment 484

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