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Apr 3, 2018
Brand new to this... Got a server up an running on OneProvider. They were pretty slow from me submitting my order to server being setup.. But I am going now. I am sure I will have a few issues along the way, but here is the first.

I have nothing installed yet but Portainer and Sabnzbd. I goto Portainer on the public IP of my server:9000 and it loads up fine. I have setup as local, with a new username and pass. When I goto my containers and click on port number for sab it opens in a new tab and goes to

I cannot find anything on plexguide to fix this. Portainer says "In order for Portainer to be able to redirect you to your Docker host IP address and not the address, you will have to change the configuration of your Docker daemon and add the --ip option. "

I could probably figure out how to do this but I thought it would be working out of the box...

Food for though, I am on 5.069 Stable.

I don't have a tonne of linux experience but can hack my way around.. Please be nice ;-)

Cheers folks and thanks...

Wrong version number typed in with fat fingers
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