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Sonarr Proper way to configure sonarr with usnet?

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Original poster
Jan 2, 2019
I've been messing around with this plexguide stuff for a while now and I've run into an issue lately and I'm wondering if anyone's delt with it and has any advice. Main issue is I've been having trouble getting media downloaded correctly. I used to have it setup so my usnet client would move downloads to a downloads folder on my Google drive. Then sonarr would import it no problem. However recently I would get a cannot rename error in my usnet client. So I started messing around and I changed the path to /tdrive. It worked but no surprise I got a upload ban pretty quickly. So I changed the folder to default just a local folder. Problem with this is sonarr just doesn't import stuff half the time and usually does not even give a reason. So does anyone have a suggestion or know the recommended way to configure this stuff. I started having issues after moving my sonarr and usnet to a GCE feeder. I've also used both sabnzb and nzbget and have had not much luck with either.

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