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Discussion Protect the apps without Gsuite?

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PG First Class
Original poster
Feb 13, 2020
So I managed to install and finally try pgblitz, it is working and installed docker containers.

I don't want to use google drive etc. And least not for now.

Also did not want to get into all the traefik stuff, reverse proxy, dns, domains etc.

I just purchased cheap dedicated server to run my plex, auto donwload new eps. for few shows, some movies and that is it. I thought I would like to try radarr etc. to manage it as it might be easier, or just try that.

When I tried to set up docker containers on my own I run into permissions issues with sonarr etc. Maybe even with torrents.

Now I tried PGblitz and:
sonarr/radarr can't get nyaa.se or rarbg.to indexers, weird

but my main gripe is that i did not found any way to easily set up security for all the apps - ie. same username or password, i watched video on pgShield, traefik and set up port gouard, seems some time back there was AppGuard, but not anymore - that might make me setup domain etc..

I wonder if I'm missing something or currently only way to really take advantage of pgblitz is to use google suite auth?
And only alternative is to set up each app auth. separately


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
No. The local edition should work the same way. I'm working PGX. When it becomes more refined, test and provide feedback. 8.7.5 is staying locked where it's at. It will be a hot minute. Im even setting it up where you can add gsuite to local and make local the primary.
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