Question about GCE setup running as media server


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Sep 7, 2018
I have the GCE Feeder setup running on Google Compute and it is working just fine as a Feeder. I can also use it as a media server for just myself by using Direct Play and never having to transcode. I know that the GCE Feeder setup is not supposed to be used as a media sever running Plex.

So I'm curious, what is specific or inherent to the PlexGuide GCE setup that makes it no good as a Plex media server?

Out of curiosity I was testing out the server for casting to a Chromecast and I found out that Chromecast is not supporting Direct Play or Direct Stream. Everything was having to be transcoded. My 2vCPU's and 7.5GB Ram GCE instance was having a hard time keeping up it seemed. Netdata was showing me maxing out CPU usage and the video would keep buffering (Tested internet speed and it as not the issue).

I have not been able to find anything that says why GCE setup is not for running Plex. Just that I'm not supposed to. I can't tell if it is because of the GCE instance limitations or something different about the Plexguide edition. I had tried setting up the regular PG: Drive Edition on a separate GCE instance for just Plex that would be similar to a Hetzner server but kept running into problems.

I will most likely setup a new server with PlexGuide just for running Plex on Hetzner/OneProvider. And still have my GCE Feeder running for downloads while building my library until my credits run out. Also working on getting Chromecast to just Direct Play/Stream when possible so that it will just play original quality and not use server resources to transcode.

Thanks in advance for any replies! You all do awesome work and appreciate you guys answering questions like you do.

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