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Original poster
Mar 13, 2018
I just got my gce setup today and I'm loving the download speeds, using 1 usenet provider (usenetnow.net) Im averaging about 150MB with peeks of 200 at times. I went with 4 cores 8gbs and 2 drives, however I didn't know how to configure the second drive for faster processing so I believe its just a waste, but that's a problem for another day.

The issue I'm having is that radar is causing some serious bottlenecking in the workflow. it appears that whenever the queue is larger than 10 movies it gets hung on the task of checking for complete downloads. When I check instead of the task happening every minute as its suppose to, its stuck and might be 10-20 minutes since it last completed it task and the little circle just keeps spinning.

With this new amazing speed i might run out of storage because pgblitz can't starting doing its uploading until radarr processes those complete downloads.

are there any fixes or solutions to this issues, I know some of you power users must have also experienced this
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anyone ?
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