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Radarr Radarr keeps adding the movies under the old /unionfs Directory

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Original poster
Mar 9, 2018
So I have been using Plexguide for quite awhile now. Been through numerous updates. So this may get very confusing. Ever since I made the change where the developers asked us to stop using the old directory mirror/structure "/unionfs", I instantly did. Followed the instruction go to movie editior select all and changed all movies to /mnt/unionfs. Delete the old root folder and Add /mnt/uinonfs as the root. Done everything worked great. Well its probably been like 4-5 months every time I think either PGTrakt or a List adds movies to radarr or my radarr4k. It keeps adding them back under /unionfs instead of the only root directory (/mnt/unionfs) thats in radarr. So I have to go back in Movie editor and select those movies and change them to /mnt/unionfs. Which is fine. I am just wondering if anybody knows how I can get these the root directory to automatically be /mnt/unionfs.

P.S - Checked my setting for PGTrakt it says my root directory is /mnt/unionfs. Also I dont have this problem with Sonarr.


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
you probably have pgtrack locked to /unionfs which is the only way it could happen.

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