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Radarr Radarr not importing multi folder deep obfuscated downloads

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Original poster
Jan 6, 2019
I've been struggling with Radarr import issue for the past few days. What happens is Radarr properly find the release from hydra and passes it to nzbget. It gets fully downloaded and unpacked, but then Radarr just sits there do nothing. I have then figured out a pattern to this issue, it only happens to multi folder deep obfuscated downloads.

WORKS FINE: "/mnt/download/nzbget/movies/Moview-Folder/25QOjbo1h5o60HP7ddHeWfmBWqw4cx9VYc6cmU.mkv"
DOESN'T IMPORT: "/mnt/download/nzbget/movies/Movie-Folder/oatQBqU8Cb0Oyvi/25QOjbo1h5o60HP7ddHeWfmBWqw4cx9VYc6cmU.mkv"

This is causing the disk to fill up quickly when there is a log backlog.


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