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Radarr Radarr not removing torrents from qBittorrent

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Original poster
Dec 10, 2019
I have been struggling with this problem for a bit.
My setup is Radarr and Sonarr connected to qBittorrent that manages the files. It downloads them to my server which then uploads it to my tdrive in /mnt/unionfs/ from rclone and deletes it from my server and qBittorrent.

Sonarr does this successfully. But no matter what i try Radarr will not delete the original file from the server or qBittorrent download history. I have hard link instead of copy to "no" and in "completed download handling" "remove" is set to "yes" and in "Failed download handling" remove is also set to "yes". I have tried reinstalling radarr over a dozen times playing with the settings turning hard linking on and off and static paths on and off. Using the renaming function to get it to delete it. I have seen the whole process go down. It downloads the video file, and then makes a copy to the "move" directory" where it will rename the file to my specifications. It then uploads the file, deletes the file from the "move" folder" but doesn't do anything to qBittorrent or the original file after.

i checked the logs and this is what is happening "redacting movie info"

Linking [xxx.mkv] > [[xxx (2019)][tt1234567, 1234567]]

It states it is "Linking" the video file even though it is doing a proper copy. The log output is the same regardless whether i turn hard linking on or off. Any help you guys can offer would be appreciated.

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