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Original poster
Apr 18, 2018
I have both radarr and sonarr installed on my server but i have to manually move them from one folder into the right folder for movies into movies and tv into tv folders,

How does everyone get it to do it auto, i use utorrent for both

Do i just create one folder and point my downloads to there and then select movies and tv shows to point to the main folder and plex adds them


Jul 4, 2019
Allow me to point you to the solution to your current quandry on the newly improved wiki.

We're working on getting all of these kinds of questions answered there, however the issue you are having is with remote directory mapping, because each app is in its own container their directory structure is a little different from each other so the arr's are looking for the finished download 'here' and your downloader is placing the files 'there'. The solution described in full at the page I linked above will help you get those applications looking in the right place and automagically™ moving and renaming them, plex will find them on its next scan and you should be all set !

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