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Original poster
Apr 30, 2018
I want to setup a seperate radarr4k instance form only 4K content (obviously) and have the files in a dedicated folder to add a 4K library in plex.

Do I simply use the same hydra2 and nzbget instanced that the standard radarr uses, but then...
  • Change radarr4k to use a dedicated 4K folder on tdrive
  • Use a new ‘movies4k’ category tag in radarr4k
  • Config nzbget to have a new category called ‘movies4k’ with a different download location.
Have I missed anything.

I don’t want the existing radar to see the radarr4k movies downloading and causing confusion- or doesn’t that matter?

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Oct 26, 2018
That exactly how you need to do it. You can also do the same with sonarr4k for 4ktv. The existing radarr won't have any problems as long as you have setup seperate categories and have a dedicated folder for the 4k content. I use this setup and it works very well.

Id say the only real issue is having duplicate content in plex when it's scanned in. You'll get 2 icons in Plex for anything movie that's in both libraries, 1 4k and 1 1080p so you just need to check to make sure you're playing the right version from the main dashboard.


Dec 1, 2018
I have this setup as well and it works great by downloading radarr to one folder and radarr4k to another and then assigning different sections of your library to each. Only downfall is that Plex will show both in now playing once you play one version of a movie.

Don't mean to hijack this thread but I'm hoping somebody has a way to sync both radarr and radarr4k so that the same movies are added in both places :)


Oct 26, 2018
I personally do not really recommend syncing the instances, there are exponentially fewer 4K releases than standard 1080p releases and you will end up with a MASSIVE wanted section in radarr4k if you add every single 1080p movie to both. What I did was go to google and search for a few websites that list the release dates for 4K UHD blurays over the next few months and just added them manually, didn't take me very long as there isn't a lot of them.

However if you REALLY want to sync them, someone does have a GIT for it:


It's not part of PG but you could set it up manually and see what you think, There is also a seperate giit for Sonarr as well called, you guessed it sonarrsync. I will let google be your guide to find it.

I didn't bother with the syncing and don't really think it be all that helpful until more 4k releases are available at the same time as 1080p. As it stands they usually stagger the 4k releases and trying to add lots of non existent releases just leads to a bloated wanted list IMO, but to each their own.
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