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Original poster
Jul 11, 2018
Much like many others, I'm trying to get my Traefik working (again). I had set it up fine the first time I set up plexguide however had to make a couple fixes to my server which required a reboot and when launching traefik again it gave me a rate limit error. I tried with a new domain through my GoDaddy account and after trying to deploy Traefik got the same errors. I made a couple of mistaken with my new domain so had to deploy Traefik a few times which is likely why I hit the rate limits.

Is there a way around this, or is this just something I'll have to live with? I've combed through the forum and while there are several topics on the subject nothing seemed to answer my specific question regarding multiple domains on one GoDaddy account.

Thank you in advance for any help to this gentle noob.
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Disregard. I was able to figure this out.
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