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Feb 2, 2019
Title...when I add files to my /mnt/unionfs/ location, they don't go to /mnt/move (though the folder structure is created), they instead go to /mnt/downloads/. For example, if I do a "touch /mnt/unionfs/movies/test" command, there will be a folder created in /mnt/downloads/ called "movies", and inside there will be a blank file named "test". Inside /mnt/move will be a folder called "movies", but it will be empty.

PGBlitz functions normally.

/opt/appdata/plexguide/rclone.conf has a line that says

type = union
remotes = Gdrive: thrive: /mnt/move

My /var/plexguide/server.hd.path is set to "/mnt". I haven't touched any of the *.sh files at all.

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