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Discussion RClone Settings - advice please

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Original poster
Feb 14, 2019
Hi all,

I'm finding that large remux files are getting stuck in /mnt/downloads/nzbget/movies and only about 1/3 are making it through to /mnt/unionfs/movies/. This means I end up having to manually move files over to /mnt/unionfs/movies once every 3 days (minus the automatic renaming). Curiously, around 80/90% of movies around the 9GB size make it through to /mnt/unionfs/movies, making me think this is something I can sort with the settings.

Is there anything else that I can do in my RClone settings to get a higher hit rate of successful moves post download? I'm using PGBlitz with 12 users (excessive I know!).

Current settings:

? RClone Settings                       ? Reference: pgclone.pgblitz.com

Please read each setting description carefully as it explains the function
and has useful tips on how to change these settings.

Once you are done updating these settings, [A] Quick Deploy to take effect.

⏫ Upload Settings            Default  Current
[1]  BW Limit  [1000M]
[2]  Drive-Chunk-Size          64M     [128M]
[3]  Transfers                             8       [8]
[4]  Max-Transfer                 750G    [750G]

⏬ Download Settings          Default  Current
[5]  Buffer-Size                           16M     [16M]
[6]  VFS-Read-Chunk-Size       64M     [64M]
[7]  VFS-Read-Chunk-Size-Limit 1024M   [1024M]

? VFS Cache Mode Settings    Default  Current
[8]  VFS-Cache-Mode            writes  [writes]
[9]  VFS-Cache-Max-Age         1h      [1h]
[10] VFS-Cache-Max-Size        100G    [off]

? Misc Settings              Default  Current
[11] Dir-Cache-Time            5m      [5m]
[12] Log-Level                 NOTICE  [NOTICE]
[13] User Agent [rclone/v1.48]

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