Really run fine the server auction from HETZNER?

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Nov 11, 2019

When you go to

you find servers from 30,00 € with 2 TB + 32 GB in RAM and Corei7...

this is creazy!... in others companys the same have a cost of 250, 300 US.

This servers have many downtime?, hardware is wrong?, or the trick is the country (taxes) ?

Please some explication about this cost.

Aditionally, please: what means
  • ECC

  • Ent. HDD
  • iNIC

I arrive here becouse I was find



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Feb 23, 2018
EEC means error correcting core runs on servers normally,
Ent.hdd means enterprise hard drive
inic means intel nic
They are cheap and you may get some buffering, I have a ex42 that runs perfectly for €40 a month

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