Really run fine the server auction from HETZNER? |

Really run fine the server auction from HETZNER?

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Original poster
Nov 11, 2019

When you go to

you find servers from 30,00 € with 2 TB + 32 GB in RAM and Corei7...

this is creazy!... in others companys the same have a cost of 250, 300 US.

This servers have many downtime?, hardware is wrong?, or the trick is the country (taxes) ?

Please some explication about this cost.

Aditionally, please: what means
  • ECC

  • Ent. HDD
  • iNIC

I arrive here becouse I was find

Feb 23, 2018
EEC means error correcting core runs on servers normally,
Ent.hdd means enterprise hard drive
inic means intel nic
They are cheap and you may get some buffering, I have a ex42 that runs perfectly for €40 a month

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