rss feed: how to use with multiple search words (nzbget / sabnzbd)


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Jan 25, 2020
For some downloads (no movies, no series) I want to switch from SABnzbd to nzbget and have some problems with the rss search. Basically I want to search one category and get all results that have "name1", name2" etc. From the results I want to choose manually what to download. Only filter a rss feed don't work as i can get only the last 200 releases.

In SABnzbd i did this with using different rss feed urls and seperated them with a "," but i still got all results in one list. So I could search for "name1", "name2", "name3", ... and still got all 3 results in one list.

rss-search.php?catid=21&user=TESTk&api=XXXX&search=NameOfWhatIwant1&nodupe=1&limit=100&smin=600&smax=7000, rss-search.php?catid=21&user=TESTk&api=XXXX&search=NameOfWhatIwant2&nodupe=1&limit=100&smin=600&smax=7000

But in nzbget this seems not work as i only can have one url per feed. So how you guys doing that? I'm also willing to use some other tool which can send the output to nzbget. Maybe there is some 3rd party tool which allows to combine different rss feed into one feed.

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