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RuTorrent Running two rutorrent dockers deletes downloads

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Original poster
Apr 30, 2018

Has anyone had any issues running two rutorrent dockers?

I have had a really strange bug where if I run two rutorrent dockers, when adding torrents to the second rutorrent/rtorrent docker, they either fail to download or are wiped from the second torrent folder after a little bit of time.
I'm sure Sonnar is involved here strangely.

Here's the exact process I followed and have been able to replicate the bug multiple times.

I install rutorrent from the community apps and choose the horjulf/rutorrent-autodl image from the options.
I install sonarr and set it up with rutorrent as a download client.

This one runs fine and has no issues, then I create a seperate yml file called rutorrenttwo.yml in /opt/mycontainers and duplicate the yml from the core apps called rutorrent.yml
I change the role name and ports, and then install it from plexguide, I change rtorrent.rc to a different download locaton e.g /mnt/downloads/torrents with the first instance being /mnt/downloads/rutorrent.
I install it from plexguide and everything appears normal, until you download, it downloads fine, but after a mintute or so the files are deleted from the /mnt/downloads/torrents folder but everything appears normal in rutorrent. The files from the first instance of rutorrent are fine, its just the second instance that is affected.

After alot of experimenting I found that if I install the second rutorrent docker with Sonarr running as I install it, this creates the issue with deleting of the files.
If i stop the sonarr docker and then install the second instance of rutorrent and then restart sonarr, no file deletion issue.

I really cant work out what is going on here, is sonarr deleting the files from a directory that it doesn't have any configuration for or know about? Is this a docker issue?

Wouldn't really worry me but I want the two instances, but obviously am concerned with downloading alot of torrents only to have them all deleted from the disk.

I can post the custom yml file if needed.

Cheers for any help on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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