ruTorrent/rtorrent keeps crashing


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Feb 4, 2018
A few days ago I redeployed traefik on my server and after that my rutorrent/rtorrent instance keeps acting strange. When I try to access it it gives me this:

Bad response from server: (500 [error,list]) Link to XMLRPC failed. May be, rTorrent is down?
Sometimes I can access it for like 3 seconds before it crashes again...

I've tried remove and install again but I get the same result.

Anyone know what could be the problem?

EDIT: I made some edits in the config file. Set DHT to disable & chech hash to no. It seems to work now... I read somewhere that DHT could cause rtorrent to crash. I hope it continue to work now, otherwise I don't know what the problem is :) Will report back later with more info.

EDIT: It still crashes........
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1:19 AM
Jul 31, 2018
Bumping this up just in case someone knows how to resolve it
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