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Original poster
Sep 14, 2019
Hey PGBlitz,

Total newbie here. So I just d!scovered PGblitz when I wanted to know if I can make a "feeder box" as you guys call for GCE. Because in my research I found that GCE does not charge for downloads and uploads to its own services. Hence, only need to pay for the VM's hardware and not for traffic used.

So, I've learned that I have to install a local pgblitz on my machine and then create the GCE instance from there. I setup the PGclone and thought I can just export the settings I already have on my local machine into my GCE feeder. Well, that was not the case, so I just want to get some clarifications

1. Do I have to setup the gce feeder from scratch? (PGclone, sonarr, radarr, sabnzbd, etc.)
2. Since the pgblitz enables billing, which can potentially charge me when the trial is over, does it automatically close the billing when the trial credits run out? Or do I have to watch over it?
3. I've read about PGclone using PGBlitz mode to transfer beyond 750GB upload limit, can this method also be able to clone a team drive so I can make backups of that team drive?

Side question:

1. I've read on google that it requires more than 1 user subscribed to gsuite to get unlimited drive, or we still get unlimited even if we are solo on that account?


Feb 3, 2018
1. yes you have to install PGBlitz, however you should make a backup on your MAIN server of any apps that you want to run on your GCE (this should only be sonarr, radarr, sabnzbd....NOT plex).

2. Google will not automatically bill you when your credits run out - it tells you this when you set up your billing. Google will also not automatically close your billing account when you run out of free credits - it will just freeze it and you won't be able to do much of anything. Watch it once a week, and close the billing account when your credits are low (<$10) to guarantee things keep running along smoothly.

3. No idea about making back-ups of an existing TD. Perhaps @Admin9705 knows?

side Q: I believe if you pay for GSuite and have at least one user, you have unlimited space in your drive.
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May 2, 2018
i'm sorry nobody has been along yet to answer your question.
big changes happening on site so please forgive us all for being so lax.

i can only answer your side question.
as far as i am aware (to date) you still get unlimited even with the one user.
No idea when signing up (for gsuite) and you have the option for user numbers "jest me" 2-9" etc which is the absolute correct setting to tick (i'd think 2-9).
sorry i cant be of more help, but hopefully this 'bump' will bring int he experts.


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