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Radarr Setting Up Radarr first time network path & not moving

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Original poster
Jun 7, 2020
I am working on setting up Ombi & Radarr i already have Sonarr setup and working. Now with Radarr here is what i am trying to do. I have my Qbit on 1 VM and Sonarr & Radarr on a different one. Sonar works great with my current setup but i am unable to setup Radarr. I am not able to set my network path up to start downloading anything BUT i also dont want Radarr to move anything...I just want Radarr to add the files to my Qbit and that is it. I already have Qbit moving the files after download to the correct location. I did find that i need to make sure that the service for Radarr has access to the network path BUT they are 2 different VM's just on a Work group (Windows 7 & Windows 10) and they are using local accounts so i am unable to give access to that service. So if this post does not make sense i will just post quick bullets below with my info. Also when i get the path setup is that the location of where the download goes after or as it is downloading? Again i have my Qbit download to an incomplete folder once done moves to the correct movie folder. Thank in advance.

1. Get Radarr to see the network path without the correct account
2. Get Radarr to just add the downloads NOT to move them

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