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Discussion Setup Cloudflare a CDN - apps cant reach server

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Original poster
Mar 21, 2018

Due to some buffering issues i switch my setup to cloudflare CDN based on this guide

It works like a charm when i use the browser - at least from the few minutes i have tested it
plex.mydomain.com is working - when i use app.plex.tv its not working

But when i try to connect via any app the server cant be found

I tried:
Windows 10 with Plex Media Player
Android App
Nvidia Shield with Android TV App

So i went through the guide once more but couldnt find any error -
I guess I'm missing something ...

Is there a setting in the apps im missing?
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

all the best
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Issue solved - i basically deleted all settings and redid them from scratch - now it works as expected
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