Share /mnt/unionfs via samba


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May 13, 2018
Hello all, I wandered, if it's possible to give my local lan windows clients access to the /mnt/unionfs folders via samba?

thank you for your answers.
greetings mrnice


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5:12 AM
Jan 17, 2018
it can be. i attempted in the far past, but is quite slow; but i was using a vm. If you run a search on it via the forum search, you'll see members more advanced than I having some success with it.


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Jan 10, 2019
On a 1000/1000 network I got speeds at ~750 on LAN via samba. Easily fast enough for multiple streams of 4k. When I mount on my windows machines directly to the gdrive via rclone I get the full 1000.

I personally recommend mounting via rclone if your situation will work with it. Less overhead/round-about-way and if you ever have pgblitz down for whatever reason, you still have access to your mounts.

Anyway if you want an easy tutorial for samba go here and scroll down to the configure network file sharing (modify anything as needed):
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