Solved - Help email share rclone Noob here |

Solved - Help email share rclone Noob here

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Original poster
Jul 18, 2020
EMail Share Generator ~

PURPOSE: Share out the service accounts for the TeamDrives. Failing to do
so will result in PGBlitz Failing!

Shortcut to Google Team Drives >>>

NOTE 1: Share the E-Mails with the CORRECT TEAMDRIVE: media
NOTE 2: SAVE TIME! Copy & Paste the all the E-Mails into the share!"

Guess Im not seeing what to do here i spend hours on this reading and not understand what to do here a link or step by step here please. I have downgrade to to use this and redid my XFS to work with this Please help old man out yes old man
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I was able to Solved it Myself will write How to In bit or message me
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