Sonarr - Sonarr error: Unable to parse media info from filegenarating errors. |

Sonarr Sonarr error: Unable to parse media info from filegenarating errors.

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Original poster
Jan 27, 2019
Hey Guys,

About a week ago i created a new GCE account and installed everything like i did in the past.
I'm struggling ever since then and I'm not able to go get it to work.
At first i was getting the errors: Could not move file /mnt/unionfs/tv(filename) permission denied.
I was working around a bit with the remote mappings and that error seems to be gone now, when i download a file i says success.
The issue I'm experiencing now is within Sonarr itself:
I see the file pop up in /mnt/unionfs/tv like this:
As you can see its not moving to the main dir, th files in the episode folder is very small:
I'm looking on the forum and the wiki but i cant find anything and I'm hoping anyone could help me out, cause i am clueless at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

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