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Sonarr Sonarr quality upgrades?

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Original poster
Mar 16, 2018
One of the best feature of Sonarr is that it picks the best quality and upgrades it until you hit the cutoff. However, I've noticed that multiple versions of the file, each quality downloaded, is sitting in my Drive account.

Has anybody found a workaround to get Sonarr to delete the lower qualities?


Feb 27, 2018
PG is able to also remove files from your gdrive since version 5.064. Every night at 12 am, PG syncs your deleted files folder on your server with your gdrive and checks which files should be deleted from your gdrive. Sonarr automaticly deletes an upgraded file so it should also sync on your gdrive.

So if you haven't already updated your PG make sure you update, you'll probably also need to type in sudo ansible-role clean in your terminal so it will install the delete function as well.
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